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Successful Survivor Speaker Bureau

Speakers can make or break your event.

SSSB speakers will leave your audience edified, uplifted, and motivated. 

Speakers and event promotion

SSSB helps you book the perfect speaker with a relevant message for your audience. 

SSSB can help you promote your event to prospective attendees and to media outlets.


Working with SSSB costs you nothing!  There is no fee for our service--you pay only for your speaker.

We are a non profit that helps others by sharing empowering messages with people who need them. 

Successful Survivor Speaker Bureau

Speakers Who Will Rock Your Event

Your audience won't remember what they had for lunch, but they'll NEVER forget your speaker!

Speakers who will attract attendees

Powerful speakers draw people to your event and keep them coming back!

Consultants, Expert Witnesses, and more

Our speakers are carefully selected for the power of their message, their expertise, and the content of their character. They are thought leaders who can help you in myriad ways.

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We're eager to help you make your event a smashing success!‭

A message unspoken is worthless. A message delivered well is the hope of the world.

Successful Survivors Speaker Bureau


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