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The Love Is Action Community Initiative is a powerful collaboration designed to reduce child abuse, domestic violence, substance abuse, human trafficking, suicide, criminal behavior, and other societal ills by helping community stakeholders set aside their differences, and work together to eradicate social isolation. This initiative is a replication of the highly successful Faith In Motion initiative in Orange County, California. 

We help community stakeholders, like public and private child welfare organizations, local businesses, houses of worship and other ministries, civic groups, clubs, and individuals, to connect in safe ways, to help where each feels called.

Our partners and supporters include Royal Family Kids, Safe Families For Children, National Foster Parent Association, and many more. We hope that YOU will join us today. We are more effective together.

Participation in Love Is Action is rewarding for everyone involved. 


The YOUR REAL SUCCESS curriculum is designed to help survivors of trauma to mine the lessons, character traits, and good coping mechanisms out of their adverse experiences. 

Participants learn to use their unique combination of strengths, talents, and their newly discovered "assets" to create personal and professional success. 

The curriculum was created by Rhonda Sciortino, a former foster kid and successful business woman who used the lessons she learned through her abusive childhood to start and build two successful businesses. 

Successful Survivors Speaker Bureau

The Successful Survivors Speaker Bureau is a select group of vetted speakers who are uniquely qualified to help their audiences overcome adversity and enjoy their lives. 

To book a speaker, or to submit your application to become a speaker, contact us.  

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About Successful Survivors Foundation

Successful Survivors Foundation is a non profit organization that exists to help people who have survived trauma to create personal and professional success.  

We know that it's possible to enjoy authentic success, not just despite, but specifically because, of what you've been through. 

We want to help you turn your worst adversities into the source of your greatest advantages.

Pamla Manazer, Executive Director


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Here's a free series of short videos that will help you improve your relationships--especially with the young people in your life. If this sounds good to you, watch the entire series here.

here's another free resource

REAL success is measured in five areas:  relationships, health, peace, joy, and provision. Don't make the mistake of conflating authentic success with what the culture calls success. There are extremely wealthy people who are miserable. There are famous people who are immoral and unethical. There are people who seem to have it all, but who have wrecked their health and/or relationships to get what they have. 

Achieving all five facets of authentic success is what you were born to do. Your real success is not only available to you, you were perfectly matched to it. No one else can do precisely what you were created to do. 

This little ebook of success tips on the basics, on the job, and in life can help you create your successful life IF you will consistently apply them.

Finding and fulfilling YOUR REAL SUCCESS is your purpose and fulfillment of the good plan for our life. If you want to explore the specifics of the plan for which you were created, go to YOUR REAL SUCCESS.

We want to hear about your success. Share your tips for success at



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